Economy Proof Business – Is Forex Trading a Legitimate Option?
By Mike Spiro

It’s affecting everyone, no matter who you are, or what social class you come from. These are scary times. The economy seems to be in a freefall, with no end in sight…or at least the foreseeable near future. So what does a person do to insure the financial stability of his family? No one is safe at their job, and it cost more money to start a new business. There are unlimited possibilities for working from home, but most of those cost money, and take time. Is there anything out there that is economy-proof?

To answer that, a person needs to look at the big picture. The basis of all of this is money. Each person wants it, and every country has it, in the form of currency. The dollar is measured against every other currency in the world, which gives it it’s value (of course, it’s value used to based on gold, but that’s ancient history). If another country’s currency value goes down, then the dollar, by default, goes up. So it goes throughout the world of currency.

Enter the foreign exchange (Forex) market. The Forex market has volume and liquidity that exceeds all of the world’s stock markets combined. This is the one market that has a constant….currency. It is always there. It might go up, and it might go down. When you trade currency on the Forex, you can make money either way! Now that’s what I call a solid opportunity.

An example of how this works is the fact that the dollar has dropped to an all time low in recent months against the euro, for example, and continues to devalue as many countries continue to unload it (including the U.S.), and the Fed continues to print more! (go figure THAT out!). Meanwhile, that serious mini-crash of the dollar over the past months/years has made a fortune for those savvy Forex traders who went long on the Euro (buying the euro and selling the dollar). The lesson here: it doesn’t matter what the economy does, SOMEBODY’S currency will go up, and SOMEBODY’S currency will go down.

This, in itself, is where the goldmine lies. By trading that sinking dollar for that skyrocketing euro, a trader can make a significant profit. By learning how to trade, what the signals are, and when to execute, a person can make a substantial amount of money on a regular basis trading the Forex. But what about the average person, who doesn’t have time to go to “Forex school”? Well, there is good news for them too. You really don’t need to go to school to capitalize on this money machine.

There are many Forex programs, Forex trading systems, Forex trading courses, Forex trading forecasts….you get the idea. However, there lies the problem of sorting through the pile of sites that claim to make you a gajillionaire by tomorrow. No worries, as it’s just like anything else you shop for, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Due diligence will find the right tool for the right person.

The point is, that if you are considering what to do to counter the tough times that are upon us, and have heard of, or considered, Forex trading as a possibility, the answer is yes, it is a legitimate, highly regulated business. It is highly lucrative, with a risk factor to go along, but when the right system is in place, can bring a stream of profit that will continue for years to come, whether or not the economy is bright, or if you only hear the sound of the giant flush. Now THAT’S how to stay one step ahead of the game!

For those looking for tips and referrals to what might work for them specifically, please contact me through my website, and may all your pips by profitable!

Mike Spiro is a Forex trader and marketer, and has been involved with marketing, management and investing in many areas since the mid-nineties. He has studied in depth Forex courses and trading systems behind the scenes with some of the industry’s top traders. He is currently doing research and reviews on trading systems for recommendations through his website at You may visit his blog at

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