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Expert Advisor Programs

Expert Advisor (EA) programs have given the average person the ability to trade like a professional. Forex expert advisor programs are automated programs that will place trades on a traders’ behalf using a complex preset algorithm. An EA is a “robot” (software) and it has a plan. It does not deviate from the plan (like people do). It consistently and unemotionally applies the rules of the plan. The great benefit of an EA is that it removes the human element from the trading process resulting in efficient execution and greatly improved profitability. The EA’s below are based on a good but different plans. The rules and of these systems determine your setup in the market, entry, exit point automatically. The rules of these systems also determine the stop loss point on a trade. Automating these rules are the single greatest benefit to using an EA. We’ve reviewed several EA software systems with fully automated trading rules and objectives and the best of the bunch is Forex Tracer with profits of $335, 000 last year. You can validate the results yourself by opening an account and testing it on a dummy account with no fear loss of money before you put your money on the line.

Forex Tracer

This is the best Expert Advisor on the market today. It is consistently profitiable and it’s very easy to setup and install.

It’s designed to operate without human intervention 24 hours a day and has a 60 day return satisfaction guarantee.

Best of all it is ideal for beginners because you don’t need a huge amount of experience with the Forex market in order to get started.

Forex Tracer is based on the Metatrader 4 software and limited to that platform. Remember the guarantee because if you don’t like Forex Tracer it won’t cost you a dime!

Company:Forex Tracer


Forex Funnel

Forex Funnel is one of the most highly recommended and popular EA’s online – Bar None.

It has many of the same characteristics as Forex Tracer….easy setup and installation, 60 day return policy, 24 hour automation, and a low learning curve.

What I like about Forex Funnel is that it concentrates on one currency market, the US dollar / Japanese Yen. Focusing on one market has it’s advantages.

Different markets tend to have “personalities” and understanding the behavior of a particular market gives you an edge in trading. The negative..it’s recommended to have at least $5000 to begin trading this system.

Company:Forex Funnel

Forex AutoPilot

Forex Autopilot is an excellent EA that has demonstrated long term profitability. It is a trend following system that confirms the trend before entering the market.

Forex Autopilot is unique in that it provides eight EA programs and 20 indicators to assist the trader. Forex Autopilot is a little more subject to drawdowns than the previous two EAs so be sure to use predefined stops when trading.

This system is a money maker. Exercising patience is a virtue when trading so keeping that in mind you will make money with Forex Autopilot.

Company:Forex Autopilot