Expert Advisor Review of Forex Trading Strategies

In my estimation, nothing has made a more profound change to trading for the individual, at home, retail trader than Expert Advisors. By using an Expert Advisor the rewards of trading a market like FOREX can be huge!

This page is a review of selected Expert Advisor forex trading strategy software programs. In recent years, with advent of more powerful computers, Expert Advisor (EA) programs have given the average person the ability to trade Forex like a professional.

Here’s The Problem…

See, trading is not easy. You have to learn the basics of trading and then you have to learn to execute your trading strategies without error and without emotion. That’s hard to do for most people. Emotional trading is riddled with mistakes resulting in frustration and loss of money.

Having an automated trading strategy executed by an Expert Advisor or EA program is the solution. An EA is essentially a robot with a plan. It does not deviate from the plan (like people do). It consistenly and unemotionally applies the rules of the plan. The great benefit of an EA is that it removes the human element from the execution of the trading process resulting in efficient and significantly improved profitability.

Forex expert advisor programs are automated programs that will place trades on a traders’ behalf using a complex preset algorithm.

You could always build your own Forex trading system but it’s not necessary with so many expertly programmed systems on the market.

The EA’s below are based on the Metatrader platform. Each uses a good but different plan.

Each Forex trading system has a different setup, entry, exit point in the market and each program accomplishes these steps automatically.

The rules of these systems determine the stop loss point on a trade. Automating these rules are the single greatest benefit to using an EA.

We’ve reviewed several resources on the interent for comparing and evaluating trading system software and trading courses. The single, best unbiased resource that we have found is It is chock full of comparisons and ratings on the most heavily evaluated and reviewed trading systems. Please take the time to review the different systems and courses before comitting to any one product.