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Fast Tracked to Forex is a video course that focuses on the fundamentals of Forex trading. As we know Forex is a great attraction of making a lot of money in a multi-trillion dollar market. There are hundreds of different products that make trading successfully sound very easy. The smart ones know that trading Forex is very doable but it can’t be taken lightly otherwise you will lose money. In order to succeed you need to know the fundamentals. This course will get you there.

Learning how to trade can be difficult at first. The language can be overwhelming for someone newly introduced to trading. The best approach is to have a course that we gets rid of all the jargon and gets to the point quickly and makes it easy to understand the Forex language.

This video course, Fast Tracked to Forex ,is hosted by Forex trader Frank Paul. He’s a full-time trader who understands all the intricacies of trading Forex. He has a easy-going style that makes learning fun. This video course is not intimidating. You can watch it over and over again to get a deeper understanding of many of the concepts of Forex trading. It is very structured and well illustrated and he takes his time going through each topic.

When you are done with this course you will understand how currency pairs are quoted, the definition of a contract and how to size it, how to set up an account, and what margin is. He also gives you an introduction to fundamental analysis and to technical analysis. If you’re going to trade you must understand chart patterns and he does a good job with this.

You also get some popular trading strategies in the last module that help you tailor your trading style and adapt it to your personal situation. This course is perfect for anyone new to Forex but has some background already in trading and investing. This course will help you make a decision about where you want to go with Forex trading. You will be able to decide if the strategies fit your profile or if Forex trading is not your cup of tea.

It’s a strong course and the price is right for getting your feet wet with Forex. After this course if you think that you want to do more there are several follow-on courses that get deeper. This course, Fast Tracked to Forex, is highly recommended.