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Forex Mentor training has evolved. The guys at Forex Mentor have been busy over the last couple of years. They have expanded their offerings cover the gamut of skill levels, trading styles, risk levels, and delivery methods of Forex education. If you are new to Forex there are several horses tailored to take you the distance that you want to go at this early phase. If you just want to get your feet wet with Forex trading there is a course called Fast Track to Forex.

If you would like to take forex mentor training a little bit further there is of course named” How to Trade Currencies like the Big Dogs“. This course is more comprehensive and it offers lunch more information. It includes a wealth of technical indicators and even goes into the psychology of trading. I would certainly consider this course once I’ve gone through all the introductory material that you find in Fast Track to Forex

They have a course called The Forex Moneymakers that goes more in depth with the background and inside information for the Forex markets. This course is another layer that is peeled back so that you can understand where the money is in this $3.2 trillion market.

These guys even have a personal coaching plan within forex mentor training for beginners in Forex trading. If you have the time and you want that personal touch this is probably one of the better options because one-on-one training the best way to learn Forex skills. It also helps you learn it faster you can get up and running and actively engaging the Forex markets in record time. If you still have a day job and your engaging Forex on a part-time basis then this approach may not be for you. You will be better off with a self paced approach using one of the previously mentioned courses.

When I started treating the basic Forex Mentor course was what I started with. The information hasn’t changed but the approach that they teach is highly effective and it will get you to the point of being a very successful Forex trader in as little as six weeks. My recommendation is to take one of these self-paced courses and to go slow and take your time learning the language of Forex. If you take this approach it will be overwhelming and you will be surprised at the skill that you will develop over time.