Forex Technical Analysis of the Currency Market

If you are interested in trading and investing, understanding the concept of the forex technical analysis is valuable knowledge to have. Although we are describing forex technical analysis it can easily be shortened to just the term “technical analysis”.  Below are some important points to help you learn more about this idea. forex technical analysis


A strategy starts with the analysis of the market behavior. The basic idea of forex technical analysis is that predications about what will happen to the market in the future can be made by reviewing what has happened to the market in the past. For example, if the price of orange stock went through the roof during a frost twenty years ago, when another frost occurs the technical analysis would suggest a rise in prices again.

This approach to understanding financial markets has been around since the 18th century. In fact, one of the earliest examples has also been used as one of the main tools for predictive charting in use today. Charles Dow (co-founded of Dow Jones) and others helped build the modern approach to technical analysis.

Main Principles

Forex technical analysis is based on a couple of key principles. One of the most important is that history does repeat itself. Another is that investment prices do trend. Without this basic principle, there would be no reason to consult the market’s past for an idea of what may happen in the future.

Differences with Fundamental Analysis

Another forecasting option is fundamental analysis. Instead of looking at trends, fundamental analysis looks at the specific historic and present financial data for a company to determine its future. Although this is a different way of looking at the market, many investors who use fundamental analysis combine it with forex technical analysis to make investing decisions and vice versa.

Use fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis when forex trading. Fundamental analysis considers economic, political and social forces that influence supply and demand. Interest rates, the rate of inflation, unemployment rates and economic growth rates are all macroeconomic indications that you can use to make more informed, profitable currency trading decisions.

Importance of Forex Technical Analysis

Investors need to have some way of determining which stocks to buy and sell. Guessing isn’t a very accurate method. Instead, using forex technical analysis gives investors some way of getting an idea of what stocks present the best opportunities for profit generation. Although not always accurate, the effectiveness of some formulas for technical analysis has proven beneficial for investors.

Two of the best tools in successful forex trading are technical analysis and charts. These simple tools help you to see how money is moving. You will be able to identify patterns and make successful speculations based on your observations. By using charts and technical analysis, you can bypass the complicated and unnecessary step of trying to understand why money moves and just invest in how it moves.

Be Careful With Technical Indicators

In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed with too much information, keep your technical indicators to a minimum. Too many indicators on a FOREX chart can be distracting and many don’t add increased value to the analysis process. In fact, an excessive number of indicators can actually interfere with your technical analysis and, potentially, lead to flawed trading moves.

This article has provided you with some of the best tips and tricks offered, with regard to Forex trading. Use these tips as a starting point for your forex career. Remember though, this is only your starting point. Continuous studying, reading, and learning, is the key to making money on forex. So keep learning and best of luck!