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Learning Support and Resistance With  “How to Trade Currencies like the Big Dogs”

This course, How to Trade Currencies like the Big Dogs, is for those people that want to take this step to making trading a full-time as successful occupation. This is an excellent course that peels back the layers to consistent success with Forex trading. This course turns you into an adaptable traitor that responds to changes in the market. If you have ever considered making trading your full-time occupation then this is the course you should invest your time.


Most traders that take the step of risking real money on Forex seem to think that the path to success is through technical indicators and black box expert systems. They soon find that they may have a few successful trades but it is not consistent. To be successful they must understand what goes on the market. They must understand why the probability of a certain trade pattern is higher than others. This course will help you make that leap in understanding.

The Forex market is constantly changing based on news that fits the world markets, changes in the business climate, catastrophic events, and shifts in power in the world community. All of these have an impact on the direction of the market. If you learn to account for these changes you can adapt your trading style to profit from  them.


The problem with technical indicators is that most of them like the market and by the time you see the change in the indicators you missed the trade or you’ve taken a loss. This course tries to tell you how the commercial traders approach the market. The commercial traders are the “big dogs”. Essentially what they teach this course is that the big dogs use support and resistance levels to make trades.


Using support and resistance levels to trade is a fundamental skill. It will help you tell when the probability of a directional change is about to happen. I think that this course is a great way to learn how to trade in this manner. You can use the technical indicators to help you understand where the support and resistance levels are in the market. This course helps you figure that out.


The good thing about this course is that it comes in CDs and hardcopy manuals. There are many courses that offer that as part of the package. They also offer a membership site that allows you to communicate with the developers of the course and with real-time traders. There is a huge amount of reformation that comes with this course you’ll spend many days going through each area.


You get a dedicated mentor to help you go through the material. Having access to a trading mentor is invaluable. You even get free telephone consultations as part of this course.


The only thing that I don’t like about this course is that it does not have some basic software to help you sort out support and resistance levels on the trading charts. It would be great to have an alert type program that help you pick these situations out.


Overall it is an excellent course and it is the one that I recommend after you’ve had an introductory course for Forex trading. This course is not recommended as your first course for getting started with trading. It is an intermediate level course.