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StraightForex Course is a Solid Approach to Trading

The StraightForex course is a prominent Forex course featured on many of the popular Forex trading sites. Their featured trading concept is that there course is successful enough for you to develop a way to trade for a living.  The StraightForex courseis 100% online and consist of two main phases. The first phase is called the Intensive course. This course is mostly about theory and concepts of Forex trading. The student gets to work one-on-one with an instructor to understand the nature of the market and what the forces are that influence it. Students learn to identify low-risk opportunities, how to enter the market, and to understand the language of making a trade. The topics include risk management, trading psychology, and money management.

They focus on keeping the trading simple so that it is easy to understand why learning how to trade. They use a simple system for trading manually and they do this by studying the price action. The vendors for this course also states that they can this develop a system that fits your personal profile. We are not exactly sure how they do this but the concept is certainly attractive. We imagine that they tried to fit a course to a certain risk profile depending on the person.

The StraightForex course Intensive course is two months long. The student goes through a daily assessment of the trading action determine trading setups. They also include trading webinars that allow the student to engage the instructors and to ask questions. There is also a forum to get involved with community members.

The next phase of the StraightForex course is called the Forex University. It includes live trading and practice. This is where you really learn how to trade. By looking at the daily action in the market and entering and closing trades the student will begin to understand the patterns of the market. Vendors of the course also offered daily trade recommendations with an analysis of why these are good setups. The student will have to assess the recommendations and decide whether to enter the market. As with all trading systems and courses nothing is guaranteed and there is always a potential for loss. So part of this course is for the student to understand how to manage the risk side and to protect his account trade for another day.

I want to caveat that we have not taken the StraightForex course but analyzing what is offered is competitive most of the Forex courses on the market. These guys don’t offer anything different but the testimonials revealed that the courses are easy to understand and you come away with a good foundation for trading. The students come away good reviews of the material feeling that the money spent is well worth it. Our take is that this StraightForex course looks to be as good as most on the market so if you feel comfortable with the instructors we think that you will be satisfied with the course. Go to the site by clicking this link and review the site material and if you think this is something that you want to do just opt in and the guys at Straightforex will give you a call.


Colon McRae